Diamond Corrosion Inhibiting Papers

Recommendations for use

Each substrate acts as a carrier for the corrosion inhibitor. However, choice of the most suitable substrate will depend upon the product to be protected and the storage conditions. Listed below is the standard* range of corrosion inhibiting papers and guidance as to their recommended uses.

MPI 2216 (Lightweight)
A light weight Kraft paper suitable for wrapping smooth surfaces, e.g. print cylinder, ground rollers or as an interleave for packing light weight components.

MPI 2861 (Waxed)
A medium weight Kraft paper more suitable for wrapping irregular shaped components, e.g. machine parts and engines. Paper is waxed on one side to offer moisture resistance in areas where control of moisture levels is difficult.

MPI 8020 (PE Coated)
A PE coated Kraft paper offering excellent moisture barrier and strength. Ideal for lining boxes and crates prior to packing sharp objects.

MPI 10020 (Crepe)
A crepe paper substrate offering the cushioning properties of crepe and excellent flexibility for conforming to irregular shapes.

FP 40 (Lightweight)
As MPI 2216, but for ferrous protection only.

FP 95 (PE Coated)
As MPI 8020, but for ferrous protection only.

*Please note, a wider range of substrates is available on request.

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